Could Veneers Help Me?
By Mark Makela D.D.S., PC
May 09, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

Does your smile meet your expectations? With a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Mark Makela in Petoskey, MI, you could improve veneersyour teeth and gums and feel confident in how you look. A featured aesthetic service, porcelain veneers remake the flaws that detract from personal appearance. Could these beautiful laminates be right for you?

What is a porcelain veneer?

It's a customized shell of super-thin ceramic. Tooth-colored and natural-looking, a veneer masks defects such as:

  • Discoloration from oral injury, smoking, prescription medications, and restorative procedures, such as root canal therapy
  • Big chips and cracks
  • Pits and other surface flaws
  • Interdental gaps
  • Mild overcrowding
  • Irregular tooth shape

Your dentist will examine your teeth and discuss his findings during a one-on-one consultation. Ideally, your smile should be free of decay, gum disease, and extensive restorations. If you and Dr. Makela feel that veneers are the best route to an even, bright smile, he'll proceed with oral impressions and some mild enamel resurfacing (about 1/2 mm per tooth).

This surface preparation allows the veneers to adhere to the teeth and to fit and bite properly. Also, because your teeth are reshaped, porcelain veneers are permanent enhancements. In other words, once you wear veneers, you always will, but that's ok. With good care, they last for up to 20 years, says the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Also, you can anticipate a dazzling smile that truly improves your unique facial features. The dental lab technician sculpts each laminate individually, shaping and shading them for optimal performance and appearance. When placing your veneers, Dr. Makela uses a special permanent cement which may be varied in color. He hardens it with a curing light and makes sure the veneers fit properly against the gum tissue.

Caring for your veneers

After your two visits with Dr. Makela, you begin caring for your porcelain veneers at home. Brush them twice a day with a nonabrasive toothpaste and soft brush, and be sure to floss daily as the American Dental Association advises. See your dentist twice a year as usual for cleanings and check-ups, and you should ask him about a nighttime mouthguard if you tend to grind or clench your teeth. Bruxism, as this habit is called, may wear down veneers and other restorative and cosmetic work prematurely.

Expect to smile a lot in Petoskey

Dr. Makela and his team feel you'll just love your new porcelain veneers and how they improve those bothersome smile flaws. Find out if this popular aesthetic treatment is right for you by arranging a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our comfortable office in Petoskey, MI. Please call today: (231) 347-2511.