Are You a Good Candidate for Veneers?
By Mark Makela D.D.S., PC
October 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Are You a Good Candidate for Veneers?

Are you a good candidate for veneers? Millions of people from around the world are turning to dental veneers as a hassle-free way to improve their smile. Dental veneers are ultra-thin, porcelain shells that fit over the teeth. The Dr. Mark Makela dental office offers a full range of dental services, including veneers. Dr. Mark Makela is one of the finest dentists in Petoskey, MI. Read below for help in determining if you're a good candidate for veneers. 

1. You want to whiten your smile. 

Tooth discoloration affects many patients. There are several causes of tooth discoloration, including foods, beverages, tobacco use, certain medications, poor dental hygiene, as well as a number of oral diseases that affect enamel. In the face of these threats, veneers can give you the bright-white smile you've always wanted, and unlike real teeth, veneers resist dental stains remarkably well. 

2. You want to close a tooth gap.

Diastemas are gaps between teeth. These spaces can form anywhere in the mouth and affect both children and adults. Diastemas may be caused by undersized teeth, missing teeth, or bad oral habits such as thumb-sucking. Dental veneers are routinely used to fix gapped teeth—they simply fit over the surface of your teeth and create an evenly-spaced smile. 

3. You want to restore a broken tooth.

Chipping or cracking a tooth is a common phenomenon, and dental veneers are routinely used to restore these damaged teeth. If you have a broken tooth, a dental veneer can cover it and restore its appearance and function. A dental veneer covers the front of the tooth with a thicker section to replace the broken part of the tooth. 

4. You want to fix your crooked teeth.

For some people, having a crooked smile can affect their self-confidence and self-esteem. However, you may not need dental braces to fix that crooked smile. Dental veneers can sometimes straighten your crooked teeth without the discomfort or hassle of braces. Dental veneers are very effective in covering up dental flaws and giving patients the appearance of a perfect smile. 

5. You want to look years younger.

Our teeth play an important role in defining how old we look. If you want to take a few years off of your appearance, getting dental veneers is a good place to start. They will improve the appearance of your smile and instantly make you look younger— no wonder they're so popular among Hollywood stars!

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